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Two sets of six postcards
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This book is a portal to an ancient culture and practice and at the same time as relevant as the sunrise and sunset. Its subject,

Yoga, is presented from the writer’s personal perspective, but it also contains practical instructions that are suitable for children, teenagers, teachers, parents, people who take interest in yoga, and lovers of India. In it you will find excerpts from Indian scriptures, traditional stories and an abundance of illustrated yoga poses.

About the Journey of Writing and Drawing this Book

I became certified to teach yoga in 1982. Already when starting out as a teacher I was drawn to working with children, and I always made sure that I had a group or several groups. There were years when I taught in schools, and other years when teaching a small class at home was my meeting with this challenging and vital teaching.

I have two daughters who are almost five years apart, and these yoga classes at home were a framework for my natural responsibility as a mother in which I could share with my daughters something that is central and of high value in my life, and  in which I believe.

The group at home gave me the opportunity to maintain continuity,
not a simple task in all that is related to sharing and passing on knowledge to your own child.  I know that part of my love to teach children comes from my connection with myself as a child, which nourishes me each time anew and brings me joy; as simple as that.

This book’s written material was collected from many sources and with the permission of my teachers in India; from stories I read and heard and also tell myself and that are for all ages; whether in mythological stories and proverbs, in song and music, in drawings or in dance or in the silence of sages.

As long as we delve into research– a new depth is revealed.
There is above the surface and below the surface, the revealed and the concealed.

In many of the drawings that accompany the book there are details taken from or influenced by what I saw on the streets, traveling exhibitions of artists, temples, nature and the local colors. As a young girl I was always drawing, and I have never stopped. Just as yoga in its essence is a means for connection, so drawing is a tool for inner and outer connection.

My special thanks to the children, some of them adults by now, who were the inspiration for the drawings of the poses, as well as for the accompanying imagery.


Rachel Cheney

Matat, Israel

Our Remaining Steps

The success of the book in Hebrew encouraged us to start the long translation process into English.

By crowdfunding this book you are supporting our production and publishing of the English version.

We have set an initial target of US$ 30,000.

Any money beyond this sum will allow us to increase the quantity of the initial print run, making the book available to more people around the world.

Available Special Gems:

We are offering Special Gems for those who wish to support our efforts with extra money.

All the gems are based on the book’s contents:

Signed books (Limited Edition)

Personalised thank you note written on the inside cover

Two sets of six postcards each, in two different sizes

Weekend of Yoga sessions that includes two nights’ 

   accommodation (two available wooden cabins)

T-shirt and a matching bag


Minimal risk

  • Six years ago we produced the first edition of the book “Yoga For Children And Beyond – A Journey For All”.

    It took us five years to complete the book in the first language (Hebrew). It was an amazing journey.

    Now, after the production of the second Hebrew edition, we are thrilled to invite you to participate in the production of  the English version – pre-buy the book and get rewarded for your support.

    There is high demand for the English edition, and we intend to reach our target. If we do not, we will print fewer copies in our initial run.

    Guarantee your copy by contributing to this crowdfunding campaign today and don’t wait till the book is actually on the shelves.

About the Author

Yoga has been passed down from parents to their children and from gurus/teachers to their disciples.  The thread of this knowledge continues to connect us all, in spite of different cultures and nations.

Yoga is a unifying culture.

I created and compiled this book, which has already been published in Hebrew, bringing the essence of ancient wisdom with a fresh vivid practice based on the teaching of BKS Iyengar, who gave his personal blessing for this project.

“Yoga for Children and Beyond – A Journey for All” is the next step in sharing the book with a larger circle of readers, and it is already being translated into English.

With your help this dream can become true.

Besides teaching adults I have always taught children and youth.  Just as we plow, sow and harvest, 

So the children of today are the adults of tomorrow.  Teaching yoga to young children has a lot of meaning to it; we can trim and shape their intelligence through their bodies.  Teaching children gives the teacher a new way of looking at the subject of yoga.  It keeps him fresh, quick and clear.  The teacher can add some stories and drama, and the whole subject becomes broader and connected to the roots in the past, to the Rishi way – the path according to the Sages.

When I visit the RIMYI yoga institute in Pune every year I generally watch the children classes.

It was very beautiful to watch Guruji teaching them.  He would magnetize them, they would watch him, they would hear him and move fast as he asked them to.  He would challenge them.

They were molded by his magic touch. Attached to the short story above is a clip based on my drawings of the children that shows how they move in the flowing sequences from one asana to the other, so you can get an impression and some inspiration.

Learning yoga from a book naturally combines the use of the senses and coordination; the senses of touch, sight and hearing come together when we read out loud, or we can silently follow the subject that unfolds in front of us.

This coffee table book is meant to be held in the hands, or to be put down on a table or even on the floor, so it can serve different purposes and ages.

If you feel that the project of translating my book into English is something that appeals to you, you are invited to support it and take part in bringing the book to a larger audience. The Hebrew version is already being enjoyed by many readers of all ages.

Acclaim for the book “Yoga for Children and Beyond”


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